Miranda Konstantinidou’s SS2014 Ethnic Mosaic jewels

“Ethnic Mosaic“ is a collection that was clearly inspired by North African architecture and ornaments. The fascinating thing is that these patterns – even if they consist of geometrical, steady formations – change all the time.
Depending on what your eye focuses on. This is why I have always liked these patterns and transformed them into jewelry now. When I started working on the collection I ordered the Epoxy-stones in the original colors of these ornaments. In the course of the designs however, I went the other direction and simply chose other colors. Because I thought it was more exciting.
I am so glad I discovered the Epoxy-stones for myself. Now I can indulge myself with stones in jewelry in this size without them being too massive. And the jewelry stays lightweight and wearable – while still being monumental. For sure, “Ethnic Mosaic“ is not for women that want to hide. The jewelry has a certain severity, as it is so monumental and clear. It can be worn well in a Bohemian style but also matches a stricter outfit. I believe “Ethnic Mosaic“ is worn by confident women of all ages. No matter the occasion.MIRANDA KONSTANTINIDOU
The Ethnic Mosaic bijoux collection is part of the Miranda Konstantinidou’s SS2014 collection. Also in Italian shops starting from this season!